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End Of The Year . . .

So, it’s that time where we say goodbye to another year. This has been a rather bittersweet year. Bruce stayed gainfully employed for another year. I continued to work on . . . something, and knocking on wood, you’ll hear more about that “something” next year. We also had to say goodbye to mother.

Now, knitting . . . I’m pretty sure I have one or two FOs, but nothing significant – mostly socks. I did start work on a project for my cousin, which I’ll talk more about after I’ve finished and sent it out. I’m hoping to have it finished by end of January, so I can get back to the Glass Beach Cardigan. For me, I’ve been working on this. Its a very nice pattern – Neck Down. This is actually the second body; the first one was too small for me, if you can imagine! I should have stopped to check the gauge before going further with the first body. I know I’m not going to finish it before the end of the year, but maybe tomorrow I”ll get started on the sleeve. Blue Cardigan Body

I hope you all have a good and prosperous 2012!

Some Knitting Going On

So, yeah, I’ve been quiet here for several reasons, but I’ve still been knitting. And I’ve got a couple pictures as proof. First one:

Sleeve of Glass Beach Cardigan This sleeve took about a month to complete. Then, about 1 week to weave in the edges. In retrospect, I should have stopped to weave in every couple inches but this is my first time putting sleeves on a Fair Isle garment, well, lesson learned. Another lesson learned – get someone else to make accurate gauge measurements and do the math (or just to double-check my math) – I ended up being a bit short of the pattern symmetry at the sleeve edge.

Sorry if the picture is a bit dark – this color combination is very difficult to take a good picture of because one of the color used completely throws off the light meter.

After this was done, I decided to take a break and do some potato chip knitting (as in, pick an easy, mindless pattern that doesn’t require some eyebrow furrowing and a gauge that can be done at a quick speed. I did have to put up with purling (I hate purling in back and forth knitting, but I just couldn’t avoid it with this pattern. Neck Down Cardign

Took me about on week to knit up. I think the sleeves will take me maybe 2 or 3 days to finish off – I have short arms and since these are done in the round it should go blazingly fast for me. I’ve used up 2 ½ balls of yarn so far and have 3 balls, left, so I should have enough for a cap and mittens. Gotta get cracking on these as well because it’ll be cold by the middle of December!

A New Milk Additive

Milk Sticks So, I’m at the grocery store getting chocolate (for me) and milk for hubby. As I approach the back of the store where the milk and juices are, I see a display box that had 3 or 4 racks of this apparently new product. Basically, these consist of 5-straw packs full of micro-pellets in different flavors – vanilla, chocolate, caramel, and one or two other flavors which I can’t remember right now. You stick the straw in a glass of milk and drink through it.

Milk Straw Nutritional Info So, my curiosity was piqued, and I pick up one of these packs to look at the back to check out the nutritional contents. Well, well, well. This is very interesting. This contains 4.9 grams of sugar. But wait . . . look closer at the ingredients! Are you seeing what I’m seeing? Sugar, glucose syrup, dextrose and sucralose. As if wasn’t sweet enough for this sucker. Okay, now, really . . . is this something that kids should be adding to their milk on a daily basis? It would seem that whoever came up with this lovely new product thinks so – the display is at eye height about where an seven or eight-year old child would be, positioned very conveniently just 2 steps away from the milk refrigerators.

I can see how this conversation would go:

“Hey, mommy, look at that! That’s what I saw on tv – can we get it?”

“No, we’re going to get that gallon of milk, and we don’t have this on the list.”

But, it would make the milk taste soooo good . . . . please, mommy!”

Good luck keeping this out of the house.

Resurrecting the Blog – Sort Of

When I decided to try to get back to blogging, I tried to upgrade the original blog to an open source version of MovableType (Melody), but, well, I somehow seem to have screwed it up. And the OSS project seems to be dead in the water – the development email list seems to have petered out, and my last question at GetSatisfaction unanswered (one month and still waiting).

So, reluctantly, I decided it was time to move on to WordPress. And here I am!  I’ll still leave my old blog up for good time’s sake, and maybe someday it’ll get fixed. But, in the meantime, I’ve been getting familiar with how WP works and wow, I can see why this is such a popular blogging platform.

While going through the blogs in my Google Reader, I’ve been seeing reference as to this month being the month to blog every single day. No, I’m not going to do that because I’m busy with stuff. However, I’ll try to blog more often now.

So . . . make yourself comfortable here!

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