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Ten on Tuesday: The Weekend

Shorewood Cardigan

The bottom part of the cardigan.

The topic for Ten on Tuesday is “10 Things You Did This Weekend”.

  1. Worked on the Shorewood Cardigan. But of course, I would be working on my knitting! Need to keep these fingers nimble and I want to make good progress.
  2. Did the laundry. Doesn’t laundry always need to be done? And weekends are good for folding since there is no rushing around and if there aren’t any plans for Saturday, one can then lounge around in a nightgown while you get all of your clothes washed.
  3. Sorted through the papers scattered around on my side of the room and put away some of my books back on the bookshelf. I, ahem, am a bit messy and needed to clear a path. <cough, cough />
  4. Gave hubby a list of stuff to get from the store since I wasn’t going out driving. Sounds boring, doesn’t it? But if hubby texts you, well, might as well take a quick inventory.
  5. Checked into Facebook from time to time. I like to keep up with what my friends are doing and talking about. There are good knitting groups there, so that’s a plus as well.
  6. Reading a book on Kindle Reader. I have it loaded on the iPad and have Kindle Unlimited. It’s a good bargain. The only downside is that Amazon requires exclusivity for a book to appear in Kindle Unlimited. Still, the number of available books is large enough that there are always options.
  7. Go to church. I try to go to church every morning and it is a great way to start the week.
  8. Visit my father. Just 10 minutes away or so and we make sure everything is alright.
  9. Had a bit of wine in order to unwind. Sunday is always a busy day, first church and then visiting father. It can get a bit intense and sometimes I’m on a mental overload. So having a nice glass of wine helps me to decompress.
  10. Well, I wish I could say that this weekend ended on a good note. But unfortunately, we got that phone call everybody dreads and had to spend some time to get confirmation about a death in the family, which was very much unexpected.


Life and Flotsjam

Life and flotsjam.

Life is constant, but occasionally flotsjam can enter it. Sometimes, these persist, and grow, thus making it harder to get rid of it. I’m not going to go into great details to explain why I’ve been absent from the blog for quite a while. But, now it is time to clear out the cobwebs and see what I can make of this little place on the web.

I usually blog about knitting and spinning, but as I try to revive the blog, I’m going to expand into other subjects. Simply because I need to kick up my writing game (gee . . . wouldn’t it be nice to kick out a couple books onto Amazon and earn a few bucks so I can get more of the Jamieson & Smith shetland yarn?) and build good habits so as to make more productive use of my time.

In any case, I have some chores to do, and need to scout out a restaurant. Later!

Fall is Coming!

Now it is starting to get cool, especially in the morning. Which means it will soon be time to air out my knitwear, and do something about the holes in my socks. Why does darning intimidate me?

And yes, that means, I MUST finish the FI cardigan. I doubt that I will have enough time to finish it before my trip, but try I must.


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