If We Were Having Coffee . . .

This type of blog post is for when I have a lot of little things I want to share, or when I feel the need to catch up.

If we were having coffee . . . I’d be telling you how Marcy inspired me to try out this blogging meme. It’s been a good long while since I last actively blogged here. There’s been so many stuff to catch up on but I simply haven’t had the energy write at length about every single detail.

Mmmm, this coffee is really good. I love my moka pot. Yes, I know about Starbucks, but let’s face it . . . they overcook the beans and water down the drinks. I love the people at our local Starbucks, but it’s not their fault; they’re just doing what they’ve been told to by the corporation.

If we were having coffee . . . we’d be going over my knitting projects [insert link to Unfinished Projects]. Well, yes, I’ve still not finished any of these projects. But that’s okay. I’ve resolved to make good progress on the Abalone Cardigan. And in fact, I’ve made slight progress on it.

Abalone Cardigan

My goal is to finish this by the end of the year. I’ll try my best, don’t hold me to it, though.

I even managed to finish off a pair of socks in just 3 days. This was a really nice palate clearer. I’ll be knitting more socks so as to be ready for fall.

Blue Socks

No special pattern, just came up with a number to cast on and then half the stitches for the heel flap and ending with 8 stitches each side to kitchener stitch.

Right now for brainless knitting, I’m working on a pullover. This is actually my 3rd atttempt. Yes, I swatched, but since I’m not using the yarn called for (Knitspot yarn is wonderful, but I don’t have the $ for it), the swatches lied to me and I had to fiddle around with the needle sizes till I came up with a width that I like (I wanted this to be on the loose side since I’ll be wearing this over my turtlenecks and skirts). Yarn is Briggs & Little Regal, which I got at a great bargain from a vendor who was getting rid of her stock at the MDSW.


This will likely take me a month to finish. And I should still hopefully get to wear it before summer arrives. Win!

If we were having coffee . . . I would be asking for advice on where to stay during our visit to New York City. We’re thinking about staying in New Jersey and taking the train into The City. But if we can find a nice hotel for less than $200 a night in The City, that would be great. Gotta make a list of what to see there. Blah

If we were having coffee . . . Bullet journals is all the rage these days. It’s a way of organizing your life that is very easily customized to your personal style and need. Ryder Carroll came up with his own system in an effort to manage his ADD, and after years of tinkering with the system, decided to reveal it to the world. It’s still a work in the process, but I think I’ve pretty much got the hang of it.

Well, it sure was nice chatting with you! I hope you have a good day . . .