About Me

I’ve been knitting for over 15 years now. Well, actually, more than that, with a long interregnum. I distinctly remember being able to do the long cast-on and knit a row as a child, and I still have the book that believe I got from Giant, when they still sold books. I’m not sure if anyone showed me how to do the cast-on, but it sure would have been helpful if I’d had someone back then to take me beyond knitting that first row. I was truly puzzled as to why my knitting didn’t look like that in the book. I know better now …

I love to do stranded, Fair Isle (yes, there’s a difference between stranded and Fair isle), lace. About the only technique that I’m not really fond of is intarsia – all that little ends to sew in! Well, yes, you get zillions of ends in Fair Isle, but these are easier to deal with – just cut off, sew the flap under, or leave exposed and felt through wear.

And I’ve been spinning for almost as long. I have 4 wheels – Norm Hall Mariah, Jensen Tina II, Schact Ladybug, and an electric wheel that Hubby built for me. When we’re rolling in money again, Hubby will build a second version of the electric wheel for me with lots more options. I’ve got boxes full of yarn that I’ve spun up, but previous few FOs using my yarn. It’s kinda hard for me to figure out if I really have enough for a full-size sweater.

As you’ve noticed, purple is my favorite color, but I try not to go overboard on it and make myself choose other colors that I look good in. I’m very fond of jewel colors.

I’m a voracious reader, and I’m bad – I’m constantly overdue at the library. I like romance, biographies, history, some sci-fi and fantasy. I’ve been known to finish off a 200 page paperback in 4 or 5 hours as I mastered the art of speed-reading. This skill comes in handy, especially when I was in college. (Not sure that I’d want to go back to college, though. Tests were my bane of existence. Plus, ahem, the current collegiate environment.)